Ship Risk Profile

All ships in the information system are assigned as high, standard or low risk based on generic and historic parameters. Table 1 shows the criteria within each parameter for each ship risk profile. Each criterion has a weighting which reflects the relative influence of each parameter on the overall risk of the ship. High Risk Ships (HRS) are ships which meet criteria to a total value of 4 or more weighting points. Low Risk Ships (LRS) are ships which meet all the criteria of the Low Risk Parameters and have had at least one inspection in the previous 36 months. Standard Risk Ships (SRS) are ships which are neither HRS nor LRS. A ship’s risk profile is recalculated daily or weekly taking into account changes in the more dynamic parameters such as age, the 36-month history and company performance.

See Annex 7 of the Abuja MoU text to read more on Ship Risk Profile.