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Abuja MoU Information System (AMIS)

Our efforts as maritime countries in ensuring safer ships and cleaner oceans will be incomplete without proper cooperation in the area of information exchange and harmonization of our Port State Control activities. Realizing how crucial information exchange is, the Abuja MoU Committee approved the development of the Abuja MoU Information System (AMIS).

The AMIS is a web-based information system designed for reporting and storage of Port State Control inspection reports. The system currently has its central site in Vladivostok, Russia under the Asia Pacific Maritime Information and Advisory Service (APMIAS) of the Russian Federation.

Inspection Database

Search and view results of inspections conducted by Member Authorities.


Detention List

Detained ships in the spotlight gives an overview of ships which have been detained more than 3 times in the last 24 months

See Current Detentions

Underperforming Ships

A watch list of under-performing ships which have been detained for three or more times in the Abuja MOU region within 12 months

See Ship Watch List

The Abuja MoU Information System (AMIS) is developed and hosted by the Information and Coordinating Center on Port and Flag State Control of the Russian Federation. The database is designed to collect and store Port State Control (PSC) inspection data from the Abuja MoU Member Authorities and to provide information exchange on PSC data within the region.

Access to the AMIS database provides publication of actual PSC data stored in the database in a real-time mode.

The Abuja MOU (its member Authorities, the Secretariat and the APCIS) will not be held liable for any loss, damage, or harm resulting from the use of information contained in the database, or of any reliance on its accuracy, completeness or timeliness.

The data obtained from this site should not be used for any commercial purposes, reproduced in any other sites or any publications without obtaining prior permission from the Abuja MOU.