34.504 Millions


79 162 Millions current US$

Merchandise trade¹

45 376 Millions current US$

Land area²

o) 1 246 700 Km²

GDP Growth

0.00 %

Transport services trade³

7 144 Millions current US$

Coast/area ratio²

1.8 m/km²

Ship building⁴

Ship recycling⁴

Fleet - National flag⁵

321 Thousands DWT

Fleet - National flag⁵

55 ships

Fleet - Ownership⁶

5 145 Thousands DWT

Container port throughput⁷

Number of seafarers⁸

(l) 1 055

Number of port calls⁹

1 985

Source: Data is generated/populated from United Nations Conference on Trade and Development's UNCTADstat. Detailed data sources are available in the documentation of the corresponding tables in the Data Center ( A link to these tables is provided in the title area of each section of the profile.

Ms. Anisabel de Campos Verissimo e Costa
Ms. Anisabel de Campos Verissimo e Costa

Ricardo Romulo

António Pombo

José Luís Santana

Romualdo João

Romualdo João

Jones Gomes

Kamatchia Chihamba

Sandra Basilio