Equatorial Guinea



Merchandise trade¹

Land area²

GDP Growth

Transport services trade³

Coast/area ratio²

Ship building⁴

Ship recycling⁴

Fleet - National flag⁵

Fleet - National flag⁵

Fleet - Ownership⁶

Container port throughput⁷

Number of seafarers⁸

Number of port calls⁹

Source: Data is generated/populated from United Nations Conference on Trade and Development's UNCTADstat. Detailed data sources are available in the documentation of the corresponding tables in the Data Center ( A link to these tables is provided in the title area of each section of the profile.


Mr. Alejo Sima OLOMO
Mr. Alejo Sima OLOMO

Director General

Mr. Pedro Laurel MEJIA
Mr. Pedro Laurel MEJIA

Head, Ship Inspection Department

Mr Pedro Monsuy ASUMU
Mr Pedro Monsuy ASUMU

Head Maritime Safety Division

Pascasio Efa OBAMA


Ismael  Isaac NDONG EBANG

Mr. Mamerto Ntutumu ELA OYANA

Jose Jesus MBA ABESO

Angel Javier TORAO

Bureau Veritas (B.V)