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A Port State Control Officer (PSCO) is a qualified officer, authorized to carry out port State control inspections in accordance with the relevant international instruments and local laws. A Port State Control Officer is authorized by the Maritime Authority of the port State and acts under its responsibility. All PSCO’ s must carry an identity card, issued by their maritime authorities.

The Code of Good Practice for Port State Control Officers (PSCOs)

Code of Good Practice provides guidelines regarding the standards of integrity, professionalism and transparency expected of all PSCOs in the Abuja MoU region.

Code of Good Practice In the Abuja MoU
Code of Good Practice (New IMO Circular)

Qualifications for Port State Control Officers (PSCOs)

  • Be an experienced officer qualified as flag State surveyor.
  • Be able to communicate in English with the key crew.
  • Be qualified as a master or chief engineer and have appropriate seagoing experience.
  • Have qualifications from an institution recognized by the Administration in a maritime-related field and have specialized training to ensure adequate competence and skill.
  • Be a qualified officer of the Administration with an equivalent level of experience and training, for performing inspections of the relevant operational requirements.